Hello and welcome to my website! 
Building a website is turning out to be easier than I expected yet of course, still very time consuming. At this point, I have put effort into photographing my collections since they are actually meant to sell! The one of a kind projects I have posted at the moment are older projects, with poor quality images. In the next weeks, I plan to photograph my work from the last few years and upload the photos and artist statements here. 
Currently, my priority is to post all the academic information necessary to explain my wearable emotions collection. Wearable Emotions: Mechanical Accessories is my thesis work; a body of work developed over the last 8 months. I had the privilege of exhibiting this work at OCAD University's 98th Annual Graduate Exhibition this past week. It involved a lot of instillation preparation, a lot of standing during the weekend and a lot of repeating the same spiel - I felt like a broken record! However, it was a great experience. It is interesting to get feedback from strangers as they view the work differently than my professors and peers who have seen the work develop and know all the background information about the concept. 
I would like to share more of the process work for the Wearable Emotions collection. A longer part of the process was sampling than actually fabricating the final versions. I have piles of samples and trials that I have been working to photograph and document. As an artist, I always like to see process photos so I look forward to making more process  blog posts in the coming weeks. 
Anyways, Thanks for visiting the website and stay tuned for more! 

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